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    Tester ut ny tidevannsteknologi

    27-09-16 - Tidetec tester ut ny tidevannsteknologi i sjøen. Les mer...

    COWI melder seg inn i NORWEA

    21-09-16 - Det gleder oss å kunne ønske COWI velkommen som medlem i NORWEA. Les mer...

    NORWEA gratulerer Nexans med kontrakten

    16-09-16 - Nexans skal levere kabler til verdens første 66 kV offshore-vindpark Les mer...

    Cables and Protons

    16-09-16 - This week has brought sad news for those of us who had hoped that energy infrastructure integration and renewable energy capacity would trump new nuclear power generation capacity in the UK. As NorthConnect becomes NORWEA’s newest member, we nonetheless wow to continue our efforts to push for closer energy market integration, making our renewable energy resource abundance available to neighbouring markets. Les mer...

    NorthConnect joins NORWEA

    16-09-16 - The privately held interconnector project NorthConnect joins NORWEA. Les mer...

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    Prisutvikling elsertifikater uke 39, 2016

    30-09-16 - * NEDÅT I VECKAN * KVARTALSLUT Les mer...

    Siemens: Thermal storage solution for wind energy

    30-09-16 - Siemens is developing economic storage technology: alongside Technical University Hamburg Harburg (TUHH) and urban utility company Hamburg Energie, Siemens is researching a storage solution in the Northern German city that will set a future standard in efficiency. After having been converted to heat in rock fill, excess wind energy is stored and protected with an insulated cover. When there is a need for additional electricity, a steam turbine converts the heat energy back to electricity. The simple principle of this store promises an extremely low-cost set-up. The project has therefore received research funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Les mer...

    Vil fortsatt bygge vindmøller i Birkenes

    30-09-16 - Byggeplanene på Storehei er skrinlagt for godt, men E. On Vind har ikke gitt opp planene om et vindkraftverk i Birkenes. Les mer...

    More energy, less noise: Siemens launches three new models of wind turbines

    30-09-16 - Next year Siemens will start producing three new models of onshore wind turbines. They will maximize the output at low and medium wind speed, and reduce noise. The announcement was made this week at WindEnergy 2016, the trade show in Hamburg. Les mer...

    Half of European Union citizens could produce their own energy by 2050

    30-09-16 - As renewable energy, battery storage and demand side management become more popular, the energy system is getting more decentralized. Some of the effects of this transformation have been calculated in a report launched this week by the European Renewable Energies Federation, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the European Federation of Renewable Energy Cooperatives. Their conclusion is that half of the citizens of the European Union could be producing their own electricity by 2050. Les mer...

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Norwea er en interesse- og lobbyorganisasjon som jobber for å fremme norsk fornybar energiproduksjon. Norwea  arbeider for å skape og opprettholde et modent og langsiktig vindkraftmarked i Norge. Vi arbeider også for en langsiktig utvikling av marin fornybar energiproduksjon som utover offshore vindkraft, inkluderer energiformer som bølge- og tidevannskraft. Les mer om Norwea...

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