Why become a NORWEA member?

NORWEA is in the business of working for the best possible conditions for NORWAY’s wind- and ocean energy industries, and for your business. We maintain an extensive network of contacts within the relevant authorities and among politicians. This promotes NORWEA’s well established impact on policy decisions – to the advantage of our members.

NORWEA membership provides your organization with unique access to the established wind- and ocean energy network in Norway. This network comprises entrepreneurs, energy companies, project developers, financial institutions, turbine manufacturers, law firms, consultancies, logistics companies, as well as many others. A complete list of our member organizations is available here

Additionally, a NORWEA-membership gives you and your colleagues reduced prices on NORWEA seminars – of which we arrange a few annually, for example on finance, and on the regulatory framework – as well the NORWEA annual meeting, the most important meeting place for the industries we represent. NORWEA members may also participate in various workshops where members come together for informal discussions and to discuss current issues for the industry with the relevant members of the NORWEA team.

The majority of NORWEA member organizations engage actively with the NORWEA network, and will meet regularly for formal as well as informal discussions and to share their knowledge from and experiences with the Norwegian market. At NORWEA we want to be a point of contact for our members, and visits by members to our offices at Wergelandsveien 23b in central Oslo is a daily occurrence; this is, we believe, an important prerequisite for our situational awareness and strengthens NORWEA’s position as the most important networking catalyst within the industry. Our network transforms idea to industry!

Our membership brochure may be downloaded here.

How to apply for a NORWEA membership

Whether your organisation is already an established actor in the Norwegian wind- or ocean energy sector, or whether you believe access to the expertise of our team and to our network of actors within the industry may contribute to the realisation of your ambitions of establishing yourself in the Norwegian market, please contact us:

Ph. +47 473 49 348

e-mail: post@norwea.no

You may also contact any member of our team directly.

In NORWEA we strive for close cooperation with our members. It is, after all, the close partnership with our members that has made NORWEA into Norway’s most successful network for the wind- and ocean energy industries.

If you are considering a NORWEA membership for your organization, please contact us on ph. +47 473 49 348 or e-mail: post@norwea.no

You may also contact anyone in the NORWEA team.

Read more about membership in NORWEA in our Membership Brochure.

Om Norwea

Vind- bølge- tidevann

Norwea er en interesse- og lobbyorganisasjon som jobber for å fremme norsk fornybar energiproduksjon. Norwea  arbeider for å skape og opprettholde et modent og langsiktig vindkraftmarked i Norge. Vi arbeider også for en langsiktig utvikling av marin fornybar energiproduksjon som utover offshore vindkraft, inkluderer energiformer som bølge- og tidevannskraft. Les mer om Norwea...

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