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  • 18-07-17

    Renewable Energy Future - Hurup Thy, Denmark

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    The green road from Denmark to the world. Nordic Folkecenter study tour.

    This study tour is designed so that you can make the most of your renewable energy visit to Denmark. Meet the energy experts, researchers, companies and communities that are making the energy transition happen. Get to know the history as well as the main topical issues. Participate in discussions and debates that will path the future. Find out and experience what you cannot find in books and articles. 

    More info and registration here

  • 25-10-17

    Ocean Energy Europe 2017 - Nantes, France

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    Ocean Energy Europe 2017 conference & exhibition brings you to Nantes, the capital of Pays de la Loire - one of the most active European regions in the ocean renewable energy sector.

    What will OEE2017 offer?

    • Unrivalled networking with 350+ key players from across Europe and beyond
    • A place to do business, in our biggest exhibition hall to date
    • The latest industry intelligence via a topical, high-quality conference programme

    Extra value through a range of carefully designed side events


    Find out more, contact Amy Parsons a.parsons@oceanenergyeurope.eu

  • 26-10-17

    Wind Finland 2017 - Nuuksio

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    More information and registration here.

  • 06-11-17

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    Course Purpose
    For specialists in the industry, who wants a broader knowledge
    of the wind industry to understand the relationship between
    the different aspects. Improve the knowledge of Wind Energy
    in general, allowing for better communication between
    departments consisting mainly of engineers and their nonengineer

    Course Objectives
    Provide the employee in a Wind Energy organization insight
    into the technical aspect of Wind Energy, including:
    • The physics related to generating electricity
    • Introduction to the technical terms
    • Insight into the challenges faced by their engineering
    • The role of wind energy in relation to the power grid
    • Introduction to various brands of wind turbines

    More information and registration here

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