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Hamnefjell opened!

Tuesday September 12th Hamnefjell wind farm in Båtsfjord, Finnmark was opened!

The project at 70 degrees North, some 400 meters above the Barents Sea, was opened with a big bang during the ceremony on September 12th. Present, was representatives from Finnmark Kraft and Ardian, the two co-owners, as well as plenty of people from the local community.
The wind farm consist of 15 Vestas' 3,45 MW machines, and will give it's neighbouring wind farm Raggovidda a run for it's money for Norway's best producing wind farm.

On the day, the weather played it's part, and after several speaches and food, a tour of the wind farm was offered.

A big turn out for the opening ceremony. Photo: Norwea


- Hamnefjell wind farm is one of the best wind farms you'll ever see, Øyvind Isachsen, CEO of Norwea said.

- It's an exceptional site, with nothing but flat rockbed as long as the eye can see. Well, part from the raging Barents Sea, that is. We would like to take the opportunity to send a heartfelt "congratulations!" to the whole team behind this exceptional feat. Also, we will make it clear: We will continue to work day and night towards a real grid in Eastern Finnmark, enabling this region to fulfill it's real potential for wind power, Isachsen said.

Hamnefjell wind farm. Photo: Norwea


Hamnefjell wind farm. Photo: Norwea

As an extra treat, the team behind Hamnefjell have made this film about the construction period, which can be found at Hamnefjell's Facebook page: 



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