19. september 2017 - 12:40

NORWEA congratulate TrønderEnergi on final licence for Stokkfjellet!

Today, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy confirmed TrønderEnergi’s licence to build and operate the 90MW Stokkfjellet wind power plant in Selbu county. With that, a strong portfolio of modern projects got even better

TrønderEnergi says that the on the approximately 250 GWh-size project, they are looking at a 900 MNOK (€ 96 M) investment at a strong wind site.

The project has been in planning for many years already, and TrønderEnergi have had wind measurement masts in multiple heights on the site for more than 4 years; the winds are strong with this one. Nonetheless, the company tells us they are looking at a site where icing would be one aspect to consider – making smart choices and knowing the lay of the land are key words.

Would consider partnership

TrønderEnergi is open on the fact that this is a project they would consider inviting other player in on the investment, if the right partner shows up.

- We’re happy that TrønderEnergi with Stokkfjellet now have a very fine portfolio of 200 MW of new, modern wind power projects. Any serious investor looking at Norway should look at this portfolio and check if there’s any opportunity for joining TrønderEnergi in this one, says NORWEA CEO, Øyvind Isachsen

TrønderEnergi has long experience in O&M, through the management of both self-owned and external projects:

- TrønderEnergi is a company with comprehensive experience in O&M, and we’re especially happy that it is a company like this that is now in a position to operate such a good portfolio of projects, says Isachsen. With Stokkfjellet, this adds up to an even stronger Mid-Norwegian portfolio, continues Isachsen.



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