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Official opening of Hywind Scotland today

Today, the opening of the 30 MW, 5 turbine Hywind Scotland wind farm will take place

Designated as a pilot for Statoil’s spar floater wind turbine foundations, the wind farm is one step further towards full scale utilization of floating structures in a large wind farm.

The demo’s purpose is, according to official presentations to “verify the new up-scaled design, the reliability and availability of multiple turbines, and to cultivate a supply chain, thereby demonstrating the viability of a future commercial scale park”. A long sentence, but nonetheless a clear statement to the importance of today’s event on the way to full scale commercial utilization of floating structures.

The project, which is developed by Statoil, it now co-owns with UAE-based renewable energy partner Masdar. Masdar, some of you may have heard of in relation to its green city project, called Masdar City. Together, the companies now own a wind farm consisting of 5 Siemens SWT-6.0 154 Turbines. As the name suggests, these are turbines with a rotor diameter of 154 metres and a rated capacity of 6 MW. Much has happened since the first Hywind demo was installed at Karmøy on Norway’s west coast. Installed in 2009, the first Hywind demo consisted of a single 2,3 MW turbine, with a rotor diameter of 82 meters.

Minister for petroleum and energy, Terje Søviknes will be attending the opening ceremony. We are very happy to see the minister take the time to be there; perhaps while there, he will meet and talk to those who have made the decision to make a bet on an emerging market for floating offshore wind.

At NORWEA, we are happy to see the new market developments in Norwegian offshore wind, despite sluggish political momentum at home. Moreover, it is inspiring to see Statoil making its first steps towards becoming an energy company rather than a black energy company, and doing so through being a driver for technical innovation in yet another field of energy harnessing.



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